Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disposal of 4600 Grade Pay Case in CAT

Today on 22 Feb 2012, C.A.T. has disposed off our case of 4600 Grade Pay with the direction to the Committee that has been constituted in the chairmanship of The Chief Secretary, GNCT of Delhi to take proper action in the matter of the grade pay of Gr-II(DASS) within next 04 months.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Next Date of Hearing is on 31 May 2011

Hi Friends'

Services Department had submitted their reply in last month.  After that the date of hearing was on 09 May 2011 but due to the leave of the Judge the hearing could not be held.   Now the next date of hearing is on 31 May 2011. In between we are working on the preparation of Rejoinder that may be filed within a week.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remaining part of Meeting(21.10.10) details

In the meeting, the following officials has been given the responsibilities as under:-

1.  Core Group for looking after the C.A.T. Case:-

(i)  Sh. M K  Ambasta,  (GAD)
(ii)  Sh. Sunil (F&S)
(iii)  Sh. Vijay Thakran (GAD)
(iv)  Sh. R R Upadhyay (GAD)
(v)  Sh. Devender Kumar (Services)
(vi)  Sh. Pankaj (Services)
(vii)  Sh. Sunil (Audit)
(viii) Sh. Bhupender (Audit)

2.  Following has been assigned to open a bank account:-

(i)  Sh. Dharambir (Finance)
(ii)  Sh. Vimal (Finance)
(iii) Sh. Naveen Hinduja (Services)
(iv) Sh. Bhupender (Audit)

3.  Following persons will be responsible for the Fund Management and keeping of the records of Contribution & Expenses, (any contributor who wants to know the status of his contribution may contact on  their number):-

(i)   Sh. Vimal -- 9868879058
(ii)  Sh. Dharambir -- 9971426104

*** For any other 'Query,' related to C.A.T. Case of 4600 Grade Pay, you may email to following email address:-

Meeting on 4600 Grade Pay on 21 Oct 2010

Hi Friends,

On 21 Oct 2010, a meeting of Gr-II(DASS) officials of GNCT of Delhi has been held on the issue of grant of Grade pay of Rs. 4600/- to Gr-II(DASS).
After discussion, following points has been decided:-

1.  For getting 4600/- G.P. we will go to C.A.T.(Cetral Administrative Tribunal).
2.  The name of Mr. M.K. Bhardwaj has been decided as our Advocate.
3.  The contribution for each Grade-II(DASS) officials will be Rs. 2000/-.